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From initial concept to product launch, our mission is to deliver beautifully designed, high-performance digital products.

  • End-to-end product development with Everest decision-support methodology at the center.
  • Experts at the most critical parts of product development: Product Envisioning, User Research, UX Design, Roadmapping, Budgeting and Planning.
  • Success or failure of your product is decided in these crucial first phases.
  • Wide network of Digital Advisors from every disipline (strategy, product, UX, development, research, organization and leaderinship).


TruNorthern created Everest, the Digital Advisor Network and Sherpa Sessions to provide a "Decision As A Service" for product development. An alternative to expensive and often underwhelming consulting experts and additive to your internal decision-making process.

EVEREST, our product envisioning methodology, is a complete service. You get everything you need to start developing your product with TruNorthern, in-house or another company. If TruNorthern is not a good fit for the work, we will tell you and refer you to the right company.

  • Digital Strategy, Feature Backlog, Roadmapping and Planning
  • User Research, UX Design and Prototyping
  • Solution and Technical Architecture, Use Cases and Workflows
  • Platform and Framework Selection
  • Data Schema, Content Mapping, Content Tagging and Curation
  • Administration, User and Role Definition
  • Product Estimation, Budgeting and Vendor Sourcing


We offer front and backend development on all major platforms, frameworks and Cloud environments as well as integration with major content management, eCommerce platforms and payment gateways.

Development and engineering are critical to any project. In recent years, finding and retaining talent has become a huge challenge. The demand for technology services has grown exponentially while offshore has become expensive and unreliable. Our team is located in one of the few untapped resource centers left in the world.

  • Our development team is based in Canada: Same time zone, same language,`~25% discount to rates due to currency exchange.
  • We offer front-end and back-end development on all major platforms, frameworks and Cloud environments.
  • Integration with major content management, eCommerce platforms and payment gateways.
  • Native/Hybrid Mobile, Responsive Web, Connected Device, Smart TV, Augmented Reality, AI/ML and Enterprise Application Development.

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Over the past 20 years and 100+ products, we have refined an iterative process (called Agile+) that we use with all of our work: Product Envisioning, Design and Development.
Click on one of our core values below to learn more. These four common words define a very uncommon company.

Quality is both objective and subjective. Objective quality can be measured through budget efficiency, on-time delivery, estimation accuracy and number of defects.

Subjectively, quality can take the form of a delighted user and great reviews, an award winning design or a spike in downloads and purchases.

Both matter. Quality is the most important metric at TruNorthern.

TruNorthern is unique among digital service companies. We believe transparency builds trust so we share estimates, rates, costs, hours, everything with our clients. If the budget, timeframe or solution is unrealistic, we will tell you. If there is a company better suited for your product, we will introduce you to them.

Being fully transparent allows us to focus on your product not accounting.

Innovation is required in a stable, successful digital company. Innovation requires focused effort and calculated risk. Risk leads to success and failure. Both are great teachers and agents of change.

"Understanding how and why something failed is as important to the practice of innovation as success."
Buckminster Fuller, American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor and futurist.

We are selective with the clients and projects we take on. We look for clients with real digital challenges we can solve and alignment of ideals and goals. Every successful project we deliver and every dollar you spend with us helps maintain a stable environment for growth. Growth leads to change. Change leads to innovation.

"We don't want projects. We want clients for life."
Brad Hill, Founding Partner, TruNorthern


Digital Technology Services:

The Pendulum Swings Back.

While it's true in today’s digital landscape, coding is a commodity, development platforms and frameworks are mature and Cloud is cheap, selecting a development team is still a difficult decision to make.

Do you look for companies with specific capabilities in the platforms and tools you use? Do you look for people with overall technical delivery experience? Is cost still a factor in decision making? Does it really matter where these developers are located and what time zone they are in?


1. The Offshore Development model has collapsed under the weight of global demand. Rates have gone up and quality has dropped. Offshoring made financial sense 10 years ago. Today it is a risk.

2. The Agency / Consulting model is old, broken and too expensive. It is built on the premise that everyone is an expert. These companies are typically good at one thing, average at most, poor at others. Those average to poor resources are billing on your projects.

3. The most experienced digital veterans are independent. Preferring to choose the projects that they want to work on.

TruNorthern solves these problems through our extensive network
of digital partners and independant advisors.


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